BPSF_MikeYoungquist-4x5Hometown: New Hope, MN

Family: My wife, Elaine, and I have two children in the Brainerd school system.  Our son, Justin, is in 8thgrade and participates in soccer and track and field. Our daughter, Noelle, is in 7th grade and plays soccer.

Hobbies: Golfing, biking, running, camping, and motorcycling

Volunteering: Brainerd Kiwanis Club and Lord of Life Lutheran Church

Current employer and job title: Kummet Larson Bluth & Co., P.A., CPA

What makes the BPSF mission meaningful to you? I believe that strong schools are essential for a strong community, and BPSF exists in part to help strengthen the school system by providing funds for academics, activities, arts, and athletics through our 4A grants.  BPSF also serves an important role in the community by providing scholarships to students to help defray their college costs.